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FYEAR contributors are Jason Sharp (compositions, electronics, bass saxophone), Kaie Kellough (text, voice), Tawhida Tanya Evanson (voice), Joe Grass (pedal steel),  Stefan Schneider (drums), Jahsun (drums), Jesse Zubot (violin), Josh Zubot (violin), and Kevin Yuen Kit Lo (type and visual design). Together, FYEAR draws us into a contemplation of our struggles, our fictions, and our freedom.

Jason Sharp is a bass and baritone saxophonist, synthesist, and composer who has recorded 3 studio albums for the prestigious Constellation Records label.

Kaie Kellough (text, voice) is a poet, novelist, and sound performer. A recipient of the Griffin Poetry Prize, Kaie’s writing and performances appear internationally.

Kevin Yuen Kit Lo is a graphic designer. He is the founder and creative director of  LOKI Design Studios, which blends a passion for craft with a commitment to equality and social justice.

Tawhida Tanya Evanson (voice) is a poet, novelist, sound performer, and whirling dervish. Her publications, solo perfromances, and collaborations have reached Africa, Australia, Indonesia, and the Caribbean. 

JahSun is a drummer, percussionist, and bandleader whose rhythmic pulse has carried him to Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, and the US. His sound animates Montreal’s KalmUnity Vibe Collective.

Stefan Schneider is a drummer and percussionist who has recorded and toured extensively with various ensembles, including Bell Orchestre, the Luyas, Ranee Lee, and Amon Tobin.