FYEAR  is a Montréal-based nonet led by composer Jason Sharp and poet/writer Kaie Kellough. FYEAR fuses spoken word into multi-genre compositions for electronics, two voices, two drummers, processed saxophone, pedal steel guitar, and violins. Their debut self-titled  studio recording was released by Constellation Records in 2024. It is available in all digital formats, 180-gram vinyl edition, and compact disc. 

180 gram vinyl LP and compact disc designed by Kevin Yuen Kit Lo and Constellation

FYEAR incorporates drone, out-jazz, post-classical, ambient metal, avant-rock, and modular synthesis, and creates a unified sound/aesthetic while traversing adventurous and varied terrain. Kellough’s langauge engages with the challenges of modernity: extraction, inflation, and the unequal distribution of access to the future. This self-titled debut album is a supremely innovative 40-minute multi-movement work.

Pt. 7 Pure Pursuit

Visual design by Kevin Yuen Kit Lo & Sarah Auches

Pt. 6 Precipice

Pt. 4 Degrees

Pt. 2 Mercury Looms 

Pt.1 Trajectory 


At the Lion D’Or,  Montréal, commissioned by JazzAhead! Bremen, the National Arts Center, and the Canada Council for the Arts,  aired on April 29 w/ partnering jazz festivals in Canada and Europe.