FYEAR  is a Montréal-based nonet led by composer Jason Sharp and poet/writer Kaie Kellough. FYEAR fuses spoken word into multi-genre compositions for electronics, two voices, two drummers, processed saxophone, pedal steel guitar, and violins. Their debut self-titled  studio recording was released by Constellation Records in 2024. It is available in all digital formats, 180-gram vinyl edition, and compact disc. 

Pt.1 Trajectory is the first section from their debut record, and features visual design by Kevin Yuen Kit Lo. 

180 gram vinyl LP and compact disc designed by Kevin Yuen Kit Lo and Constellation

FYEAR incorporates drone, out-jazz, post-classical, ambient metal, avant-rock, and modular synthesis, and creates a unified sound/aesthetic while traversing adventurous and varied terrain. Kellough’s langauge engages with the challenges of modernity: extraction, inflation, and the unequal distribution of access to the future. This self-titled debut album is a supremely innovative 40-minute multi-movement work.